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January 25, 2018
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SEAPA Range of Clips – Years In The Making


SEAPA has continued to innovate its product range since it created the first injection moulded oyster basket for the adjustable longline system 20 years ago. The most critical element of the basket system to create efficiency and basket security whilst maximising the ‘rumble effect’ of the basket has been the clips.

standard clip

10.8mm Standard Clip

As farms continue to move to out to more aggressive waters in search of the stronger currents carrying more food and high wave action to improve shell shape and meat volume, SEAPA has endeavoured to keep up by creating stronger clip options.

The result of this continued innovation is our current range of clips which provide a solution to suit any farming methodology, manner of deployment or farm conditions.

The Standard 10.8mm Clip is suitable for the whole 15L basket range for use in semi-protected water conditions. This original SEAPA clip has been designed for quick and easy deployment and collection of the basket.

Flexi clip

10.8mm Flexi Clip

The 10.8mm Flexi clips are similar to the Standard 10.8mm Clip with the same designed head, however this clip includes a flexible stem which absorbs energy from basket movement. The shock absorber action reduces wear at the clip head to assist in extending its life and reduce basket migration. This clip is suitable for the entire 15L basket range.

The STORMBREAKER Clip System is the result of nearly 20 years of experience in developing clips for the worst the ocean can throw at our baskets. This makes it the most robust and durable of the SEAPA clip range.

The StormBreaker Clip is a 2-part system consisting of the 20mm Flexi Clip, and Clamp Bearing. It comes in a variety of options to suit on the deployment method and basket size of choice.

The 20mm Flexi Clip features a flexible clip stem which is designed to absorb energy and a robust clip head that locks into place on the Clamp Bearing. The Clamp Bearing is designed with teeth to bite directly onto your line so that your basket clips remains on the line with no migration.


Stormbreaker Clip System

Both the clip head and Clamp Bearing are manufactured from engineering grade materials which are developed for constant movement. The smooth action of the clip snapping onto the bearing increases efficiency gains in the deployment and collection of baskets. Some farms have also noted stock improvement due to the smooth surface creating an increase in basket movement (rumbling). It has also been used on French-style tables with fantastic results proven by award-winning farmers.

To learn more about the full range of SEAPA clips and products, contact us here.